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As long as you already have a license, you may add SideNotesIM to new computers or update existing software to the latest version using the Download button below.

SideNotesIM Client

Version 2.8

Download the latest release of SideNotesIM to new or existing computers on your network. Once the download and installation is complete, the program should connect to any other SideNotesIM clients on the network automatically. Keep in mind that this program is no longer for sale, nor will new licenses be issued. An existing site license is required for SideNotesIM to function properly.

Note: SideNotesIM Version 1 is no longer available for download, so we recommend updating to Version 2 on all computers if you have not done so already. The license is compatible with either version, but Version 1 clients cannot communicate with Version 2 clients.

VPN Gateway

Version 2.8

The VPN Gateway allows network administrators to connect SideNotesIM clients across different networks, subnets, encrypted VPN connections, and locations. A license is required for clients to connect. IT support or knowledge of your firewall, router, and VPN may be necessary. The Gateway is typically NOT needed for SideNotes clients communicating on your local network as long as they are all on the same TCP/IP subnet and not being blocked by firewalls or anti-malware software.

Message Monitor

The Message Monitor will archive messages and Office Chat conversations sent from SideNotesIM clients. Messages are captured as they are sent across your network, so even if the message was deleted by the sender Message Monitor will still have a copy. You may download a new copy of the Message Monitor, but will need to use a separate Message Monitor license that was purchased for it in order for the program to function. This program is no longer available for sale.

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