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So many of the events in 2020 have shown us all how important it is to automate and simplify communications between one another. The year changed all of us: what we expect software to do, how we have learned to collaborate with our teammates, and how to become more flexible as challenges arise. When we move forward together, sometimes this means we must also leave older things behind.

This is why we have discontinued the sale of SideNotesIM and are encouraging our medical, dental, eyecare, and veterinary practices to move with us to the newer communication platform, BlueNote Communicator Lights. For our current customers, this does not mean that your support for SideNotesIM is ending! We'll continue to keep the website open for email support as needed, and existing licenses will not expire or need to be renewed. Most importantly, we'll provide maintenance builds through all of 2021 to make sure that the program continues to work well with the latest Windows updates.

Journey with us onward, then, by choosing your practice type from the options below.

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