Intra-Office Messaging

SideNotesIM update 2.7.21

Version 2.7.21

Fixed new line being added when using Quick Keys
Added firewall Information under Help > About.
Maintenance Update

SideNotesIM Update 2.6.0

Version 2.6.0

Maintenance Update

SideNotesIM Update 2.5.11

Version 2.5.11

Fixed a problem with excessively large History files not loading correctly.

SideNotesIM Update 2.5.10

Version 2.5.10

Excessive CPU utilization under certain circumstances

SideNotesIM Update 2.5.7

Version 2.5.7

New or Changed
Network Updates
Maintenance updates
Minor Bugs

SideNotesIM Update 2.4.16

Version 2.4.16

New or Changed
Quick Messages can now contain line feeds
Maintenance updates
Minor Bugs

SideNotesIM Update 2.3.90

Version 2.3.90

New or Changed
Delete button added to the message receive window
Offline users will be removed after 20 days
Delete and Close options added to Popup Alert Logo menu
New Administrator Restrictions
Deleting a message from history no longer reloads the list and moves focus to the top.

Message time stamp problem when regional settings are not set to English US
Delays in sending offline messages
All Status icons and user information was removed when any user went offline.
Auto-Response messages being sent when set for Status only.
Remove Auto-Response message from footer when replying to a message.
Client shutting down when sending an offline message using an immediate button.
Minor Bugs

SideNotesIM Update 2.3.49

Here are the latest updates to SideNotesIM.
  • Added DND restrictions to the Admin File
    • Added Status restrictions to the Admin File
    • Added Text Counter to My Status Window
    • Added Admin commands tab in user information window
    • Set silver as the default theme
    • Now Compatible with Windows 8
    • Fixed When receiving a message while DND is set, Message History will now refresh to show correct number of messages.

One of those days...

Ever have one of those days? Sure everyone does, but that doesn’t mean you can put any ol’ update out there and not check to make sure that it works correctly! Looks like we did just that.

On October 25th in our rush to push out an update for SideNoteIM we didn’t check all our features and that left you having to download a patch to fix our mistake. For that we are very sorry.

We can’t promise that all your downloads will be bug free, but we promise to catch the ones that stick out like a sore thumb, or a big bug!

SideNotesIM Version 2.0.263

Version 2 is finished and has taken the place of Version 1.

Now everything has a price, and the price of Version 2 is that it has no backwards compatibility with version 1. We tried... and then we tried again. We just could not make it work and still have some of the new spiffy features. So if you are currently using Version 1 then you will need to upgrade all your computers to Version 2. And for those afraid of change, don't shiver in your boots: Version 1 downloads are still available and supported.

Along with SideNotesIM Version 2 we have also released updated versions of the VPN Gateway and Message Monitor since, well, you guessed it, they too are not compatible.

Did we mention Version 2 is a free upgrade to all customers? We will take money if you insist, though.

So what's new?

UI Changes. A lot of them.
  • We have added a new active users list. It's smarter.
  • Active Users Search.
  • A new Status System: your status will remain even after you disconnect.
  • DND Status indicators.
  • Office Chat updates.
  • Un-Read Message counter.
  • Message Delivery Confirmation.
  • Font Options - We know, some of you just don't like Comic Sans.
  • Offline Messages - just double click an offline user to send them a message. As soon as they come online your client will send them the Message.
  • And More...

Released on 1/10/2012

SideNotesIM Version 1.12.56

Misc. UI Changes.
Added search in Message view.
Updated Auto-Responder and Status screens.
Updated options in the admin.txt file.
Office Chat can be disabled.
Minor bug fixes.

Released on 2/11/2011

SideNotesIM Version 1.11.12

Added Selected User counter to the clear button on the Active Users tab.
Added a vertical scroll bar in the response window.
Removed the “Expand” button in the response window.
Added “Hide Quick Keys” button in the response window.
Minor bug fixes.

Released on 11/4/2010

SideNotesIM Version 1.10.11

Added Backup and Restore for Quick Message and Quick Response buttons.
Added the ability to use keys F1 – F12 to select Quick Message and Quick Response buttons.
Added the ability to use the “Esc” key to close a message response window.
Updated the Offline-Alert feature

Released on 5/25/2010

SideNotesIM Version 1.9

Improved Active User list reliability.
Improved Performance.
Minor bug fixes.

Note: Clients connected to the VPN Gateway MUST to upgrade to this version to maintain compatibility.

Released on 3/5/2010

SideNotesIM Version 1.8

Added – System Hot Keys to all Quick Buttons.
Added – The ability to add a user that is offline to a group.
Added – Get User Information option to the “Actions” menu.
Added – Administrative Module to allow/deny certain features and settings.
Added – Quick User Change to the administrative module.
Changed – The “To” field in the popup alert notification has been removed.
Changed – The default popup alert notification time to “Until I close”Misc bug fixes

Released on 1/18/2010

SideNotesIM Version 1.7

Added Offline Alert to response messages.
Status window will now appear in the Windows Taskbar.
Status window is now independent of the main application.
Added a 60sec refresh timer to the status window.
Added “Hide when minimized”.
Added support for the VPN Gateway.
Added UDP Network Layer.
Fixed Automatic Update Notifications

Released on 9/3/2009