Intra-Office Messaging

SideNotesIM Version 2.0 - Official Launch

When you woke up yesterday, drank your second cup of coffee, and tried to send a SideNote to your boss, you couldn't, because her computer wasn't online.

But today you downloaded the new 2.0 version of SideNotesIM and swooish! Message typed, queued, and up for delivery at the very moment she first wiggles her mouse.

Not only that, you can see at a single glance who's in, who's out, who's going to be fired (just kidding), and who's offline. Plus a bunch more that we're only going to hint at because you really should just download the new version.

Happy 2012!

SideNotesIM Version 2.0.263

Version 2 is finished and has taken the place of Version 1.

Now everything has a price, and the price of Version 2 is that it has no backwards compatibility with version 1. We tried... and then we tried again. We just could not make it work and still have some of the new spiffy features. So if you are currently using Version 1 then you will need to upgrade all your computers to Version 2. And for those afraid of change, don't shiver in your boots: Version 1 downloads are still available and supported.

Along with SideNotesIM Version 2 we have also released updated versions of the VPN Gateway and Message Monitor since, well, you guessed it, they too are not compatible.

Did we mention Version 2 is a free upgrade to all customers? We will take money if you insist, though.

So what's new?

UI Changes. A lot of them.
  • We have added a new active users list. It's smarter.
  • Active Users Search.
  • A new Status System: your status will remain even after you disconnect.
  • DND Status indicators.
  • Office Chat updates.
  • Un-Read Message counter.
  • Message Delivery Confirmation.
  • Font Options - We know, some of you just don't like Comic Sans.
  • Offline Messages - just double click an offline user to send them a message. As soon as they come online your client will send them the Message.
  • And More...

Released on 1/10/2012